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Voice(s) Ricet Barrier (French, 1974-75)
Martine Torchet (French, 2001)
Adeline Chetail (French, 2019-)

Michael Flanders (UK English, 1975)
Ann Costello (US English, 1977)
Molly O'Mahony (UK English, 2020-)

Species Barbamama
Gender Female
Residence The Barbapapa house
Family Barbapapa (father)
Barbamama (mother)
Barbabravo (brother)
Barbabright (brother)
Barbabeau (brother)
Barbazoo (brother)
Barbalib (sister)
Barbalala (sister)
Pets Lolita (dog)
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Barbabelle is a female Barbapapa and one of the main characters of Barbapapa. She is one of the seven Barbababies in the Barbapapa family. She is purple and wears three yellow flowers on her head along with a pearl necklace.

Official Description[edit]

"Barbabelle is very pretty."

"She likes jewelry, dresses and perfumes. She spends a lot of time putting on makeup."

"She is afraid of small hairy animals such as caterpillars or spiders. She faints when she sees one! Barbabeau finds it really annoying.."[1]


Barbabelle is a beauty queen. She's also the "girliest" of the daughters of the Barbapapa family, with a slight childish streak. She is a bit vain, considering as she puts importance on looking her best, and is very into fashion.



Barbabelle has appeared in all three TV series, however she was not in every episode.

1974 series[edit]

Season 1[edit]

Season 2[edit]

Around the World[edit]

One Big Happy Family![edit]

Things shifted into[edit]

1974 series[edit]

Foreign voice actors[edit]

Language version Actors
Hebrew Eliana Magon (2020-)
Hungarian Emese Boldog (2020-)
Polish Magdalena Wasylik (2020-)
Spanish (Latin America) Constanza De La Rosa (2021-)


In French, belle means beautiful. This refers to Barbabelle's emphasis on beauty.

Name in other languages[edit]

  • Dutch/Spanish/Italian/German - Barbabella
  • Hebrew - ברבי-חן/ברב-בל
  • Japanese - バーバベル (Romaji: Baababeru)
  • Korean - 바바벨
  • Icelandic - Barbafín