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Species Barbapapa
Gender Male
Residence The Barbapapa house
Family Barbapapa (father)
Barbamama (mother)
Barbabright (brother)
Barbabeau (brother)
Barbazoo (brother)
Barbalib (sister)
Barbabelle (sister)
Barbalala (sister)
Pets Lolita (dog)
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Barbabravo (in French: Barbidur) is a male Barbapapa, and one of the main characters of Barbapapa. He is one of the seven Barbababies in the Barbapapa family. He is red with no additional accessories, though when he dresses up as a detective he wears a purple hat.

Official Description[edit]

"Barbabravo is a sportsman."

"He is very strong and likes to win. He also likes to lead and loves to eat."

"With his Sherlock Holmes' outfit (hat and magnifying glass) and the help of his faithful Lolita, he plays the detective."

"Barbabravo is a little too pleased with himself, but he is a good fellow."[1]


Barbabravo is an energetic, athletic young boy who thinks highly of himself. Because he is somewhat self-centered and sees himself as a leader, at times he lets this get to his head.



Barbabravo and Barbalib have similar personalities in the aspects that they both regard themselves as leaders and enjoy being in charge. As a result, they sometimes get into fights.


He is typically seen with the main family dog, Lolita, as she is faithful to him and enjoys being around him.


1974 series[edit]

Season 1[edit]

Season 2[edit]

Around the World[edit]

One Big Happy Family![edit]

Things shifted into[edit]

1974 series[edit]

Foreign voice actors[edit]

Language version Original ATW OBHF
French Ricet Barrier (season 1, 1974-75)
? (season 2, 1976-77)
Jérôme Darbain (2001) Youna Noiret (2019-)
Albanian Andi Begolli[2]
English (UK) Michael Flanders (1975)* ? (2020-)
English (Canada) ? (1977)*
English (US) Magno:
Allen Swift (1977)*

? (season 1, 2006)
? (season 2, 2006)

? (2006)
Hebrew Yitzhak Shim'oni (1978)
Yuval Dor (2017)*
Guy Goldberg (2020-)
Hungarian Imre Sinkovits (1976) István Baráth (2020-)
Italian Angiolina Quinterno (1973)
Claudio Lippi (1976)
Cinzia Massironi (2006-)
Cinzia Massironi (2006-) Cinzia Massironi (2006-)
Polish ? (1975) Sebastian Machalski (2020-)
Slovene Nika Rozman[3] (2020-)
Spanish (Latin America) Arturo Mercado (original dub)
? (re-dub)
Kelly Viloria (2021-)

In bold highlights the most recent voice actor of the character.
In italics highlights the dubs that have one narrator voicing all, or a portion of the characters.
* = Only season one of the original series was dubbed.


Barbabravo's name is a reference to his athletic personality - "bravo" is something one might say when cheering for an athlete at a sports game.

His French name, "Barbidur," is derived from the French word "dur," which can refer to a "tough guy"[4].

Name in other languages[edit]

  • Dutch - Barbaborre
  • Hebrew - ברבא-שריר/ברב-בראבו
  • Icelandic - Barbaþór
  • Italian - Barbaforte/Barbadura
  • Japanese - バーバブラボー (Romaji: Baababuraboo)
  • Korean - 바바브라보