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Voice(s) Ricet Barrier (French, 1974-75)
Sophie Larcette (French, 2001)
Emmylou Homs (French, 2019-)

Michael Flanders (UK English, 1975)
Ann Costello (US English, 1977)
Ynez Williams (UK English, 2020-)

Species Barbamama
Gender Female
Residence The Barbapapa house
Family Barbapapa (father)
Barbamama (mother)
Barbabravo (brother)
Barbabright (brother)
Barbabeau (brother)
Barbazoo (brother)
Barbalib (sister)
Barbabelle (sister)
Pets Lolita (dog)
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Barbalala is a female Barbapapa and one of the main characters of Barbapapa. She is one of the seven Barbababies in the Barbapapa family. She is green and wears three pink flowers on her head.

Official Description[edit]

"Barbalala loves music. She can play all kinds of instruments."

"She is also interested in botany and ecology like her brother Barbazoo."

"Barbalala has a dreamy and peaceful temperament. She hardly ever gets angry: she’s a good sport."[1]


Barbalala is normally peaceful and chill. She is creative and gentle, with an optimistic attitude, and it's easy to get along with her because of how easygoing she is.



Barbalala has appeared in all three TV series, however she was not in every episode.

1974 series[edit]

Season 1[edit]

Season 2[edit]

Around the World[edit]

One Big Happy Family![edit]

Things shifted into[edit]

1974 series[edit]

Foreign voice actors[edit]

Language version Actors
Hebrew Ma'ayan Eden (2020-)
Hungarian Lili Engel-Iván (2020-)
Italian Solvejg D'assunto (1973)
Orietta Berti (1976)
Sabrina Bonfitto (2006-)
Polish Magdalena Herman-Urbańska (2020-)
Spanish (Latin America) Sylvia Garcel (1986)
Gabriela Belén (2021-)

Name in other languages[edit]

  • Danish - Barbabimbam/Barbagrøn
  • Hebrew - ברבי-שיר/ברב-ללה
  • Icelandic - Barbasjjall
  • Japanese - バーバララ (Romaji: Baabarara)
  • Korean - 바바랄라
  • Italian - Barbalalla
  • Spanish - Barbalalá


Barbalala's name comes from "la la la," the onomatopoeia used worldwide to represent singing.