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Voice(s) Ricet Barrier (French, 1974-75)
Nathalie Radier (French, 2001)
Lucille Boudonnat (French, 2019-)

Michael Flanders (UK English, 1975)
Ann Costello (US English, 1977)
Scarlett Keeble (UK English, 2020-)

Species Barbamama
Gender Female
Residence The Barbapapa house
Family Barbapapa (father)
Barbamama (mother)
Barbabravo (brother)
Barbabright (brother)
Barbalala (sister)
Barbazoo (brother)
Barbabeau (brother)
Barbabelle (sister)
Pets Lolita (dog)
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Barbalib (in French: Barbotine) is a female Barbapapa and one of the main characters of Barbapapa. She is one of the seven Barbababies in the Barbapapa family. She is orange and wears three blue flowers on her head along with a pair of green glasses.

Official Description[edit]

"Barbalib is an intellectual and an activist."

"She is always immersed in books and knows a lot. She loves to play the teacher."

"She doesn’t have an easy personality. She often fights with Barbabravo because she also wants to be the leader."[1]


Barbalib is the most intelligent of the daughters of the Barbapapa family. Her favorite pastime is reading books, and she often enjoys sharing her vast knowledge with her brothers and sisters. However, she occasionally comes across as a know-it-all as a result.

Barbalib enjoys being in charge. Sometimes she has a slight bit of an ego, thinking of herself as better than her siblings, and likes to boss them around, but she has good intentions. She has a very logical view of the world.

Though she is by far the most tomboyish of the daughters, she does have a feminine side as well.



Barbalib and Barbabright have similar personalities as their both are smart ones.


Barbalib has appeared in all three TV series, however she was not in every episode.

1974 series[edit]

Season 1[edit]

Season 2[edit]

Around the World[edit]

One Big Happy Family![edit]

Things shifted into[edit]

1974 series[edit]

Foreign voice actors[edit]

Language version Actors
Albanian Jessica Kasemi (1974, season 1)
Dutch Leen Jongewaard (1974, season 1)
Hebrew Yitzhak Shim'oni (1974, Channel 1)
Yuval Dor (1974, Hop!)
Adi Beaty (2020)
Hungarian Lili Károlyi (2020-)
Italian Melina Martello (1973)
Orietta Berti (1976)
Federica Valenti (2006-)
Japanese Akemi Shinohara (1999)
Polish ? (1975)
Anna Wodzyńska (2020-)
Russian Elizabeta Zaporozhets (2020-)
Spanish (Latin America) María Teresa Grazzina (2020-)

Name in other languages[edit]

  • German - Barbaletta
  • Hebrew - ברבי-דף
  • Italian - Barbottina
  • Japanese - バーバリブ (Romaji: Baabaribu)
  • Korean - 바바리브
  • Hungarian - Barbakata (1974); Barbanett (2020-)
  • Swedish - Barbabok


Barbalib's name contains the Latin root "lib," which refers to a book.


  • In the 1974 series Barbalib is frequently depicted without her glasses, as she did not have them as soon as she was born.