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Voice(s) Ricet Barrier (French, 1974-75)
Martine Torchet (French, 2001)
Nathalie Karsenti (French, 2019-)

Michael Flanders (UK English, 1975)
Ann Costello (US English, 1977)
Harriet Carmichael (UK English, 2020-)

Species Barbamama
Gender Female
Residence The Barbapapa house
Family Barbapapa (husband)
Barbabravo (son)
Barbabright (son)
Barbabeau (son)
Barbazoo (son)
Barbalib (daughter)
Barbalala (daughter)
Barbabelle (daughter)
Pets Lolita (dog)
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Barbamama is a female Barbapapa and is one of the main characters of Barbapapa. She is Barbapapa's wife. She is black and wears three red flowers on her head.

Official Description[edit]

"Barbamama is Barbapapa’s companion."

"She likes to cook for their seven children. She loves to take care of her house and garden."

"However she can also build structures, repair dams and divert the lava of volcanoes!"

"Barbamama does not fear action!"[1]


Barbamama is a caring mother and wife. She absolutely adores her family and will do everything in her power to make sure her big family is happy and comfortable as possible. She's also very hard-working and isn't not afraid to get her hands dirty to get a job done.



Barbapapa is Barbamama's caring husband. They met each other when Barbapapa returned to the tree he once grew under from after returning from space to find another Barbapapas. After meeting, they grew their seven Barbababies under that same tree and began their big happy family.


Barbamama has appeared in all three TV series, however she was not in every episode.

1974 series[edit]

Season 1[edit]

Season 2[edit]

Around the World[edit]

One Big Happy Family![edit]

Things shifted into[edit]

1974 series[edit]

Foreign voice actors[edit]

Language version Original ATW OBHF
Albanian Albana Sancolli[2]
Hebrew Yitzhak Shim'oni (1978)
Yuval Dor (2017)*
Alona Alexander (2020-)
Hungarian ? (1976) Tünde Majsai-Nyilas (2020-)
Italian Orietta Berti (1976)
Maddalena Vadacca (2006-)
Beatrice Margiotti (2002)
Maddalena Vadacca (2006-)
Maddalena Vadacca (2020-)
Polish ? (1976) Olga Bończyk (2020-)
Spanish (Latin America) Araceli de León (original dub)
? (re-dub)
Aura Caamaño (2021-)
Spanish (Spain) ? (1979)
Maika Aguado (2008)
? (2020-)

In bold highlights the most recent voice actor of the character.
In italics highlights the dubs that have one narrator voicing all, or a portion of the characters.
* = Only season one of the original series was dubbed.

Name in other languages[edit]

  • Italian - Barbamamma
  • Hebrew - ברבאמא
  • Japanese - バーバママ (Romaji: Baabamama)
  • Korean - 바바마마
  • Russian - Барбамама